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If you are in the market for purchasing a new restaurant ventilation exhaust hood system in the Maryland or Virginia region Call (804) 269-1193 or (240) 771-3473 today. Our team will coordinate with your designated professional and we will provide an efficient, and healthy cooking enviroment.

Captiveaire, the world wide leader in manufactuering of commercial ventilation and hvac products producing some of the most prestige comfort dining and work areas. With many different hvac systems which have been tested to provide effciient, clean, and healthy air our expertise are with solid fuel charbroilers down right to steam pots. These designs and installation maintain a series of comfort air schedule for in, out, and all areas of any enclosed business.
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Coordinating hundreds of commercial kitchens developmenst from inital design, scope of products, in shop fabrication, and full scale installations across the Virginia VA Maryland MD region.
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If you are needing to get your commercial exhaust hood, fan, make up air, stainless steel, and fire suppression system installed in the Washington DC, Virginia, and Maryland region, we are the #1 source for mechanical ventilation hood, and fire prevention systems.
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Offering product quotes for standard sizes across the Virginia, Maryland, & Washington DC region. We are your local hood supplier of all Captiveaire Products, HVAC units, Exhaust fans, and more. Call (804) 269-1193 or (240) 771-3473.



  • 8ft Type 1 Hood - Hood #1 - HD--1,
  • Fan #1 EADU85H - Exhaust Fan (KEF-1) & Vented Curb
  • Fan #2 EA-A1-15D - Supply Fan (MAU-1), & Vented Curb * Untempered Supply Unit
    Electrical System #1 - ECP-1
  • Shipping Included in Maryland, Virginia, & Washington DC

$7635.21(tax & shipping included)

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Most juridsictions across the Maryland, Virginia, & DCRA region will require product specification as to air schedule required to meet. As a Captiveaire Sales Point, Call (804) 269-1193 or (240) 771-3473 for more infomation on design, installation, and new construction.

For plans, submittal specifications, engineered air schedules, product specficiation, initial designs, custom application, solid fuel hood systems, or tank fire suppression systems email: Giuseppe Martinelli

Looking to open a restaurant, or purchase in Washington DC, Maryland or Virginia?

Purchasing a working restaurant is a process where you must seek professionals best of intrest in what your are actually walking into. With commercial kitchens, Captiveaire Exhaust Hoods are all different and must be in compliance with multiple codes to mechanical, fire, and local building codes. Our firm provide assesments, and consultations for all business owners, contractors, developmers, service departments, and licensed engineering offices

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Call for additional pricing on 10ft, 12ft, 14ft, 16ft, or tempered air / roof top units in the Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. Call (804) 269-1193 or (240) 771-3473.

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We are your direct source for repair, service equipment or installation of all Captiveaire Ventiltion Systems in the DMV, MD, VA, or DC region. Call (804) 269-1193 or (240) 771-3473.